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Angelina Lollie

Rp 650,000.00

ABOUT THE ARTIST:THE TAABLEThe Taable is a multidisciplinary creative movement founded by Axel Oswit..

Getting Popular in 15 Seconds

Rp 2,400,000.00

ABOUT THE ARTIST :NADY AZHRYHe is a visual artist born in 1983 at Bandung, Indonesia. He grew up rea..


Rp 650,000.00

ABOUT THE ARTIST:DIONISIUSDionisius is a 90s baby with interest in architecture and fashion illustra..

Poppin Youth

Rp 650,000.00

ABOUT THE ARTISTAVERROESHis name is Averroes, born in 1990, He's a self-taught artist/painter from B..

The Troopers

Rp 950,000.00

ABOUT THE ARTIST:RAMA BELANTARARama Benlantara is an architect living in Jakarta, and has been passi..

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